C’è Chi C’ha Teatro was born in 2000 from the meeting of two versatile artists: Fiorella Oriani and Samuele Vitri.

Fiorella Oriani was thunderstruck by theatre when she attended a performance in 1995 by Teatr NovoG.O. Fronta (Russian avant-garde theatre) based in Prague.
She joined the Prague company and travelled all around Europe. Her main teacher was Irina Andrejeva (co-founder of the Derevo Theatre). With her she delved into the techniques of pantomime, body expression and dance-theatre.
In 1998 she attended the actors’ course held by Kuniaki Ida (Milan). In 1999 she attended the course for actors and radio-television operators financed by the European Social Fund, held in Cassina de’ Pecchi (MI). During this course Gigi Gherzi, Marco Baliani, Eugenio Allegri, Moni Ovadia, Giorgio Albertazzi presided over some workshops.

Samuele Vitri has been on the scene with various vernacular comedies since the age of 8.
The squeaking of the boards, the hammer hitting the nails, the rustle of the curtain, the dust of the wings, the swinging of the trusses, the warm bath of the lights and the scent of the audience, have accompanied him into adulthood.
He decided to attend the ‘School of Performing Arts Training’ in Rimini to codify his great practical experience; he did so successfully that he won the scholarship for the second year. He has worked as an actor crossing various theatre genres (prose, storytelling, street theatre, children’s theatre).
At the same time, he has made himself available as a stagehand, light and sound technician to be able to watch other actors/actresses closely and learn something from their experience.

Fiorella and Samuele’s training is mainly directed towards:

acting and clowning work
They took part to various workshops including those held by actor-clown director Jean Meningaulte, clown, painter and director Emmanuel Gallot-Lavallée, American clown Avner the Eccentric, and actor and director Cesar Brie,

They attended, among others, acrobatic dance workshops held by the Rital Brocant Company (France-Italy) and Butoh dance workshops with choreographer Kitt Johnson (Denmark), aerial dance workshops held by acrobat dancer Elodie Donaque (France),

They trained with the Circus Academy (Cesenatico) and the Flic Circus School, part of the FEDEC circuit, European Federation of Professional Circus Schools (Turin).

Their shows have participated in important theatre and street theatre events in Italy and abroad.
In 2023 their show ‘Diversamente Giovani’ – Geriatric Circus Show, received a mention at the 12th International Ecological and Ethnic Festival of Puppet Theatres ‘Chir Chayaan’ in Abakan, Siberia.