Geriatric Circus Show

directed by Luca Regina
assistant director Francesco Damiano



Two sprightly old men, Adelmo and Miranda,
were once circus performers.
Today they are celebrating their first 50 years of career.
As the two protagonists are about to blow out
the candles their eyes light up:
as in a film they see all their
magnificent artistic experiences passing by.
A single word echoes in their heads,
they look at each other and in unison exclaim…

“SHOW !!! ”

Comedy – Juggling with healthcare items – poetry – singing –
Boogie Woogie – a two people trembling aerial acrobatics –
magic and balancing acts of the Third Age.

…one last crazy show from Adelmo & Miranda…




Technical requirements:

  • flat space of 8m x 10m
  • height 8m
  • power socket 220 V, 3 Kw
  • performance location reachable by camper van
  • possible parking permits
  • camper van parking space near the performance site
  • assembly time 3 hours
  • dismantling time 2 hours
  • 2 volunteers for final assembly of the structure

The structure is self-supporting (no ground anchoring).

We are equipped with a sound and lighting system.